Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dining near Neuschwanstein

Having been to Neuschwanstein a couple of times, I have already developed a ritual.  Get up the hill, see the castle and then descend by foot, stopping off in the eatery along the way (the only one on the hill path) for a bit of nourishment and relaxation.

View of the castle from the deck of the restaurant.

I had the Spargelcreme soup (Cream of Asparagus- Asparagus is HUGE in this region at this time of year) and sauerkraut.  I chose the sauerkraut for the digestive purpose, but was not a big fan of the sweet style of this dish.  The Cream of Asparagus I enjoyed, but I love almost anything asparagus.  Good thing I'm in an asparagus crazy region.

I previously posted on these as Bavarian Snowballs, after my first (winter) visit to this castle. This time, they were marketed as Frische quarkballen (Fresh cream cheese balls). The cream cheese must be in the batter because when you bite into this little balls all you get is crispy, light outside and a fluffy and yummy interior. 

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