Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lovely Italian by German Waters

A lovely little Italian restaurant just a jaunt away from the train station in Bamberg.

If I get the names of the dishes right, the above is Tagliatelle con funghi and the below is Tagliatelle con..salmon.  Whatever the correct terminology, it was deliciousness, and a cool, empty terrace to boot.  We reveled in the privacy but I am sure this place booms in business in other times (with an ice cream store with a terrace neighboring how can you go wrong? On top of delicious food).   We dined on a fairly blustery Spring evening but I don't doubt that this terrace sees lots of action come the warmer times.

Pizza with shrimp to go.

 I carted this baby two hours by train home and it was still scrumptious the day after.

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