Friday, October 7, 2011

21. Budapest.

Images from 21 restaurant on the Buda side of Budapest.  A final culinary farewell to the city on our 1st visit to Budapest.....

We found lovely outdoor seating and it was apparent that we had come before the dinner rush.  We enjoyed a leisurely few drinks and a meal while watching the competent and genial staff at 21, as picture below.

We had the Chicken Crepes as an appetizer.  
Like all the other meals we had in Budapest, the dishes were not too "exotic" to our palatte, 
but often new nonetheless and beautifully balanced with an assortment of herbs.

Above, the Entrecote steak with duck liver, roasted potatoes and dill-paprika sauce.

And my choice for the evening above.  
The Chicken paprikash with home made dumplings. 
When I ordered it, the server frowned in disagreement, explaining that the flavors were too similar to the Chicken Crepe appetizer we had. 
I said I didn't mind a repeat of the flavors. 
It was that good.

Some of the staff of Pierrot, 21's sister restaurant across the street.