Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baldaszti's in Buda

Basil Lemonade & Sauska Rose Wine (amazing Rose wine)

The hubbie's order- A Hungarian sample tray

Salmon Tartar with Crème fraiche

In the scrumptious basement shop of Baldaszti's.  I think I spent an exorbitant amount on some Solnec sea salt and other items, but sometimes these things happen.  And Budapest was relatively affordable in all other situations....

Művész Kávézó

Late summer lunch at Művész Kávézó in Pest
Steamers from above providing a cool mist for diner, plants and passer by'ers alike...

Order of the Chicken Catalan.  While perhaps not a traditional local dish, the features of fresh vegetables and a pleasant and light mix of various herbs seemed to be a feature in all our meals in Budapest.

A sip of Unicum

A sip of the traditional Hungarian bitter, Unicum, at Soul Cafe on Ráday utca.  I was only able to manage a small sip before turning it over to a fellow diner.  I should have perhaps waited until after the meal to appreciate the drink's "digestif" qualities....