Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ringing in 2012

For the 2nd year in a row, we rang in the New Year at Gasthaus Großhauser, Greek style!  Absolutely delicious!  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bruschetta for Christmas

In addition to several other dishes, I labored lovingly over my first attempt at Bruschetta.  There will indeed be many more bruschetta evenings.  I love that this tasty dish can literally serve as a meal ( a light-ish lunch perhaps?), or a delicious complement to a main course.  There is also something so deliciously sensory about it- the crisp of the bread after it has been lightly oiled and toasted, contrasted with the bright, juicy blend that is tomato and herb excitement to the max.

Getting the bread ready for the pan

Preparing tomatoes for the choppin'

Mixing the diced tomatoes, diced onions with a garlic spice blend that I made the previous day and left in the fridge overnight so the flavors could really merge.

Throwing  a good amount of chopped basil into the mix

Lightly toasting and crisping the bread with olive oil in a pan

Not all as golden as I had planned, but hey, this was the first go.  I will perfect my technique!

End result: completely edible and pretty tasty.  I am very exhausted to continue on with this recipe and try it out a couple of times a month, with variations!   Bruschetta Love!

Temple Bar, Dublin

The Temple Bar(in the Temple Bar district) is clearly a beloved institution, well frequented by tourists and locals alike.  We enjoyed a couple of rounds our first evening in the city and returned the next day to enjoy and taste more from the extensive (sandwich heavy) menu.

The awesome outdoor seating area.  Even deep on a chilly December night, this place was packed and buzzing with different languages and the sound of good cheer.

Oysters with shallots and vinaigrette & Bloody Mary Oyster shots

The Crab Club: crab, rocket, tomato, cucumber pickle & sundried pesto mayo

1st Guinness!

No, not first Guinness ever....

Our first Guinness during a recent trip to Dublin, Ireland.  A few hours into being in the capital, we took a pit stop at a simple and cozy, straight up watering hole, to have our first Guinness's on Irish soil.

Gewürz Depot, Regensburg

And now, for a post that I write almost exclusively as a digital post it reminder to myself...

Rambling around Regensburg last Autumn, I came across the Gewürz Depot (visit their site here) and while I did not go in to buy anything, I knew the place was a local treasure for spices and herbs and so took a mental note (and a photo).

I did take a moment to have a beverage, outside in the invigorating Autumn air, at the Kaminski Cafébar which sits directly across from the Gewürz Depot.

Two places to return to, indeed.

Monday, January 16, 2012

"Bangers" on an October afternoon

I've posted once about the Bangers at Hausbrauerei Altstadthof in Nürnberg and I will likely do it again and again and again.  It is simply one of my favorite meals- light but filling, well rounded and simply delicious.