Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Morning Sea Dreams

Breakfast at Henderson Park Inn, Florida
Late Summer 2010

Recently moved across the Atlantic- from one country's "Deep South" to another's. Here in Bavaria, reacquaintance with winter and snow has been quick to come. I now relish Sunday mornings of strong, creamy cups of coffee, croissants or slabs of bread with crab salad and cubed morsels of cheese.

But this morn I had a dreamy resurfacing of the memory of this August breakfast overlooking the sea. Perhaps (just perhaps) the memory also served to span and reinforce the appreciation for all things seen. The late morning here, the the region of Germany we now call home, is quiet and bright. A light snow has been steadily falling for a few hours. Just over three months ago, we looked out upon the sea on a grey Sunday morning, over cups of strong black coffee and perfectly petite little waffles with strawberries. Clouds loomed over the Gulf of Mexico from our vantage point on the deck of a b and b in Destin, and though we knew where we were generally heading, we had no clear idea of exactly where, in mid December, we would be.

Greetings from our new home and looking forward to posting scrumptious morsels about life here....