Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hotel Ludwig, Füssen

Potato pockets filled with cheese and mushroom cream and with a mixed salad

Luckily, the food and rooms at Hotel Ludwig in Füssen were pretty agreeable, because the service itself was a bit surly and odd (in my opinion).  

Then again, I have been warned a few times over, both personally and in reading about Bavaria, that customer service is not quite the same as in the USA.  I am not looking for someone to refill my water glass every two minutes (in fact, you might as well forget about this ever happening in this neck of the woods), but I do like service with a smile.  Tipping is already included in the price here but good, friendly service will even have me tipping on top of that.  Not in this case.  Here is a case of  good and straightforward Bavarian meals. Smiling service not included. 


Next day, trying out the lunch.  Now, dining here for us includes side jokes about the service because, well, it continues to be weird. This place pulls in lovely business due to straightforward and comfortable rooms in a very central location and a good restaurant to boot.  Apparently though, they don't feel that service with a smile will at all improve their business.  Probably will never stay there again but it was nice to give it a test run.

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