Sunday, March 27, 2011

Warning!!!! Berlin Weekend Brunch

 Photo: A quickie breakfast on our Sunday in Berlin, January 2011

On our January adventure to the spaceship city of Berlin, we made the mistake of not providing ample time in a whirlwind weekend trip for a legitimate brunch experience.

I fell in love with Berlin in Winter of 2002, partly due to such a weekend brunch experiences- Sunday morn with friends in a candlelit and spacious, yet cozy cafe that eventually unravelled into hours (and I mean hours) of dialogue, good food, coffee and later other libations....

It was humanity at it's simplest, and finest.  Good company, good sustenance in your tummy and the leisure and "freedom" to sit amidst a vaguely smoky (that has changed now) and nook filled cafe and celebrate a simple day with the ones you kno, trust and love.

Berlin.  Next time around, it's on.  Sunday brunch, we will not miss you.

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