Friday, March 2, 2012

Dinner at Martinjak Am Ring

On our last night in Vienna I was excited for a special meal.  Nothing extravagant, but something definitely delicious that would make for a great memory as well as culinary experience.  

My husband and I strolled around the heart of the city, checking out menus and due to my characteristic indecisiveness when I grow hungry, I left the decision up to him.  

He chose well.  

He spotted Martinjak Am Ring from across the street.  Instead of darting across 4 lanes of traffic (as I was prone to do in that moment) we backtracked to a crosswalk and made our way like civil tourists to the restaurant. 

The menu outside was immediately appealing as was the interior of the restaurant itself. 

1st up: Bread with sweet pepper dip & pumpkin seed dip

Appetizer: Billed as "Fish & Chips" on the menu, this is definitely a creative take on the dish.  Marinated salmon with pomegranate & smoked blue marlin with avocado fruit salad & chips

My dish was sublime and sumptuous.  
Unusual but not exotic to the taste.  Soft, delicate and just the right amount.

Above: Skreifish filet with beetroot poppyseed noodles & chocolate fennel foam

Regrettably I did not get great photos of my husband's dish ( I sometimes reach a point where I realize I need to put down the camera and just focus on the experience) but I had a taste and it was....mmm, the memory makes me hungry now.

Above: The truffled potato wafer with vegetables & portwine shallots that came with the Filetsteak "Cafe de Paris."

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