Sunday, April 3, 2011

Golden Spring Meal at Zum Golden Kreuz

Yes, it has been a golden sort of Sunday.  After experimenting with a bevy of lenses (some of the results here), met up with fellow diners and had yet another delicious meal at Parsberg's Zum Golden Kreuz. I have posted before about "The Golden Cross" and have a feeling I will be posting again.  I had no idea they even had a patio, but with Spring here, and Summer near, patio and courtyard awareness is about to increase 100 fold.  We moved to Bavaria in late October so have not yet experienced the riches that beer gardens and Sunday afternoons on restaurant patios in full sun have to offer.  Savouring every minute....

Jasmine tea.  I religiously order this when I go here.

Not a great picture of a very nice layout of Crispy Duck a fellow diner ordered

The Parsberger Gurgpfand'l
 Pork filet in a creamy mushroom sauce with Käsespätzle au gratin that the hub ordered.  
I love their cast iron presentation.  

My order of Chicken Schnitzel in bread crumbs with french fries and salad.  I was oddly craving fries.  The Schnitzel was delicious.

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