Sunday, January 30, 2011

Altes Europa

Altes Europa came at the suggestion of a friend who met us at the Hackescher Markt S-bahn station and proceeded to navigate us through the corridors of this pedestrian yet somewhat posh neighborhood of Berlin, Mitte. Mid afternoon, on a Sunday, the area was alive with residents and tourists milling about, enjoying a crisp and sunny winter January day.

"Raucher Salon"
The smoking room

According to an image on its' website, Altes Europa cafe might have definitely chosen it's name as a humorous slam against a certain American politician's snarky comments about "Old Europe." Regardless, the sense of what might have been a salon or cafe in "Old Europe" can perhaps be imagined in the decor, in the "smoking salon" located within the cafe and the general hardwood floor ambiance and candlelit sessions of delicious food, libations and dialogue.

It's completely unfortunate that I didn't get any photos of the food. My dedication as a food blogger is, to date, a bit half baked and there are certainly dining moments that seem more critical to remember than to document. That said, I do have some regret that I did not snap some quick images of the dishes. Whatever chicken dish I had was outstanding and the other diners were sated and pleased as well. Atmosphere + delicious food= Altes Europa, I will return.

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