Monday, August 30, 2010

All Appetizers please

Dined at the lovely Henderson Park Inn's Beach Walk this past weekend. The menu had so much deliciousness that I actually opted to dine solely on appetizers, to get a range of tastes.

Kung Pao Shrimp
I was excited about this dish as soon as I opened the menu.
Crispy, peppery, glazy, meaty.

While I feasted on appetizers the hubbie ordered an entree.

New Zealand Venison:
Pan roasted with red wine, basil, tomato and garlic reduction sauce.
Atop mashed potatoes and topped with Tobacco onions.

I obliged to a few nibbles.


Have been a fan of venison ever since 1st tasting it in Upstate New York some years back.

I love crab, but these Crab Meat Spring Rolls were my least favorite tonight.
Not sure what it was, but I thought they could have more kick.
However, they did photograph nicely.

And the star of the evening, for me:
Tempura Lobster Tail.
Served with key lime aioli and mango salsa.
I absolutely loved this dish.

More photos of the Inn over at my other blog, Nomad Dakini.

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